Art composition tips for beginners

The notion of a composition can be associated with a number of possible elements and guidelines. Some of which are more modern and others that date back centuries. Fundamentally, what is composition? And how will you benefit from understanding the following art composition tips for beginners? Thankfully it doesn’t have to be as complicated as […]

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Drawing From Imagination and References

What are a few differences and similarities between drawing from imagination and references? Can they help us to learn how to draw better? Some artists might say its cheating to use references. Others might see it as the gateway to learning how to draw. In many ways, they would both be right. In critical learning, […]

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Drawing the head

Drawing People & Faces

Drawing people & faces is no different from learning how to draw other random objects. Every drawing process requires you to follow a few simple steps. These steps enable you to establish basic proportions and guides before working on details and finishes. This tutorial will skim through the overall basics Of understanding how to draw […]

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want to improve your drawing

Want to improve your drawing?

Here are 5 quick tips if you want to improve your drawing. What if I told you that changing your mindset would be half the battle won! Improving your drawing is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental one. I hope you will find these tips practical and easy to implement in […]

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Pencil drawing of a boy

Drawing from Observation Week 3

Drawing from observation is a broad term used in the art industry to describe a drawing that has been produced either from a still life installation, a photo image, or in a live context. The word observation simply suggests that the artist is using a source of reference or inspiration to create art. All 3 […]

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drawing hands

Drawing Fundamentals: Weeks 1 & 2

Welcome to the first 2 weeks of this fundamentals course. Week 1 and 2 are essential to building a strong foundation for your art. Because drawing fundamentals is the backbone of this course I have broken it down into separate segments. Making it easier for you to progress as well as to understand the importance […]

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Team building art workshop

Team building art workshop

Are you looking for fresh ways to boost creativity at work? Have you ever considered trying a team-building art workshop to replace the traditional team building activities? What is a team-building art workshop? A team build building art workshop combines all the attributes of traditional team-building events in a dynamic, creative format. It provides an […]

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cartoon character art fundamentals

Art fundamentals for beginners

This 12 week accelerated course is designed as an introduction to art fundamentals for beginners. The course is structured to be informative, intuitive and challenging both conceptually and in practice. The art fundamentals for beginners course is adapted to cater for individual learning whilst still offering a possibility to work in a group environment either […]

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Engan Book logo

Illustrated Book|The Curse of Engan

Set in Mauritius 8 million years ago. The Curse of Engan explores the mountains of Mauritius and its volcanic origins, including Saya de Malha through the eyes of a dragon. It evokes ideas about leadership, excellence, and community. Lets immagine the legends tied to the island and its majestic nature. A Note from the author: […]

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Turn your art into a business

How are you going to turn your art into a business? As a fulltime artist and entrepreneur, this is a phrase that rings constantly in my mind. I am sure we have all asked ourselves or heard this question a 1000 times. And there are good reasons for that. You see, making a business of […]

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Color wheel generic image

The Beauty of color | Quiz time

Color plays an essential part in our visual experiences. It goes far beyond decorative beauty and can be used as a powerful tool in the creative industry. How well do you know your colors? Discover the beauty of color and its fundamental principles in a step by step process followed by quiz time. We often […]

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How to be a full-time artist?

I have often asked myself, can anyone be a full-time artist? Have you ever wondered if there is a formula that can be followed to understand how to turn your hobby into a business? Is it possible for anyone to learn how to be an artist and generate regular revenue from this passion or must […]

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painting a mural

How to paint a wall mural

Learning how to paint a wall mural is no different than painting on a smaller sized canvas. The techniques used are very similar to how you would generally paint in your own particular style. The most significant difference will be the physical scale of your mural in comparison to a traditional sized canvas. If you […]

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Illustrating characters for stories

There is something really enjoyable about illustrating characters. Seeing a drawing come to life through your imagination offers no limits to the possibilities of what artists are capable of achieving. The origins of illustration prior to the invention of “writing” – date back to the cave painting at Chauvet, Lascaux, and Altamira, when paleolithic artists used charcoal […]

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How can artists sell more art?

How can you sell more art? What can you do better today? Check out these quick tips to help you price your work right the first time. Well, truth be told there are a thousand ways to look at this question. So I figured I would unpack it from a few different angles. Disclaimer: These […]

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How to make better art in 3 easy steps

Create art with a unique approach. Here is what you should know when it comes to making better art. 1. Add skills to your toolbox as often as possible.  No matter how confident you are with a certain medium or technique remember that there is always room for improvement. Make time for your Research and […]

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Finding an audience for your art

Whether you are a hobby artist, a professional artist or an emerging artist. The chances are that we all share the same ambition of eventually finding an audience for our art. Finding an audience for your art is tricky and it may take several attempts. Focusing on a few key marketing strategies will save you […]

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